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About Us


We offer a homeschooling program for children 2-6 years old. Also, online courses and workshops for families and educators.


In our shop you will find our Kabana Boxes and many other toys that we carefully choose for our store.


We keep researching to bring you what you need. Weekly blog posts, free downloadable documents and personalized coaching sessions.

Our mission

Kabana aims to offer a virtual space where families and educators cannot only find many resources but also create a community to share ideas and ask questions. We are a community for all of you who understand early childhood education as a way to create a better world.

Our goal is to bring you the best resources to rethink what we understand as parenting and education. At Kabana we believe in the innate curiosity of children and we consider that they must be the owners of their learning. What we bring you are not recipes to follow but tools so we can make a change of vision towards an active, free, and respectful education; both at home and at schools.

We collaborate with institutions and professionals that share our same educational values, to bring you the best activities, courses and experiences. We research for you and create new content constantly, so you don’t have to be looking around.

What do we offer?
  • We offer resources for families, such as a homeschooling program and workshops to create your play areas at home. But also webinars and masterclasses in which we will talk about other topics like tantrums, infant sleep, or nutrition.
    • Our homeschooling program based on active learning pedagogy. We believe learning should be children-led and this is why we created a play-based curriculum, with a strong pedagogical background, that will guide you to create the perfect learning environment at home.
  • For teachers, we have courses that will help you follow your journey as a guide in children’s learning. We have courses in process art, active math, and many more. Our courses are always taught by the best professionals in their field and you will have indefinite access. Once you buy a course, you can access them whenever you want, and do them at your own pace.
  • Store with sustainable and natural products and toys including our own Kabana Boxes designed to create your own art and sensory experiences at home.

Meet the team

All Kabana instructors and professionals share our values and believe in kids’ autonomy, curiosity and ability to create.

Products and Toys

It is really key for our business to use the best materials and sell products that we trust, taking into account sustainability and choosing open-ended toys made from natural and non-toxic materials. This is why we have been searching for the best suppliers. In our store you will find many of the materials in which we trust and that we use daily at Kabana. Amazing brands as Grapat, Tickit and Nic.

We want to give a special mention to these brands that we are collaborating and partnering with. Send us an email if you have a store and want more information about Wholesale orders.


Climbing equipment & toys for active kids


Natural, sustainable and open-ended toys