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FAQ Page


  • Can I bring food or drinks?

No food or drinks are allowed in the play areas. Snacks can be eaten at our lounge area. Kabana does not have dietary limitations on the snacks allowed, please we aware of what your little ones are eating if they have any food allergies. Please, when you have finished eating you can use one of the natural wipes we provided to clean the area.

  • Can I celebrate a party during open play?

You can certainly arrange play dates with other families, but if you want a celebration (with cake and everything!) you should book a private party with us. Check our special celebrations packages under the Reservations tab. You will have the space booked out for you and your friends!

  • Do you allow pets?

Although we love animals, please no pets or animals at Kabana.

  • Why does Kabana look so different from other indoor play spaces?

As you probably have notices, we don’t have slides, ball pits or bright colors. We aim to provide a unique play experiences using sustainable and open-ended toys. We bring high quality toys to encourage exploration, imagination and thinking.

  • I love your toys! Do you sell them?

Yes, we do!!! We sell most of our favorite toys in our play space, and soon we will also have an online store.

  • Can I take pictures?

Please be sensitive to the privacy of other families, and take pictures of only your children or ask permission to other parents.

  • Can I leave my kid alone?

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all time while playing at Kabana.

  • Do adults need to wear socks?

We are a shoe-free space. Kids can be barefoot, but adults must wear socks. We have non-slip socks in our store if you need them, or you could borrow some at not charge.

  • How often are toys cleaned?

Our toys are cleaned all day long! There are natural disinfecting wipes placed throughout the facility. If your child puts any toy in his/her mouth you can place them in one of our “wet bins” and we will clean them, or use yourself one of the wipes to clean the toys before returning them to the play floor.

  • Do you have an area for breastfeeding?

We don’t have a specific “breastfeeding area” because breastfeeding is welcome in ANY AREA of Kabana.

  • Do you have bathrooms?

Yes, and they are equipped with changing tables.

  • Do you have WIFI?

We do have WIFI, but we ask you to silent your phone and enjoy the time with your little one.



  • Do I need to sign in when I arrive?

Please check in with your instructor before playing or joining your classes and workshops. You must sign a waiver for yourself and child before playing or joining a class.

  • Is there a fee for adults?

For open play and kids activities, adults are free but we ask that you bring no more than 2 adults per family, additional adults will be charged a fee of $5.

  • Do you have memberships or discounts?

We offer discounts for playdates and large groups. We also have packages and memberships, please check the Prices tab under “about us”.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, cash, paypal and venmo.

  • What is the recommended age for play?

Kabana is appropriate for children 6 years-old and under. Children 7 year-old and older may accompany their younger siblings during open play, but will be ask to leave the space if they are not playing in a manner that is appropriate for our younger kids based space

  • What if my kid is not feeling well?

If you or your child are sick, we ask you to wait until you feel better to visit us. We don’t want other kids to get sick!

  • Can I use my friend’s membership or pass?

No, sorry! Memberships must be used within an immediate family only.

  • Do you enforce a maximum capacity?

Yes! We want to make sure that the play area is as comfortable as possible at all times. We recommend you to book online prior your visit.

  • May I pay for my activity at the door?

Yes, you can pay at the door, but be aware that some activities are a series of classes and walk-in will not be available. Please, check our calendar tab or any of the specific tabs (classes, groups, workshops) for more details and registration information.