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We have brought together four of the best professionals from different approaches that share the same core value: creating respectful relationships between the youngest child and the adult. Our focus in these workshops is to promote the competence, autonomy, and integrity of the infants and toddlers while developing a secure attachment with the adult.

Everything you
need in one place

a LIve Workshops

Ask questions to the best professionals about Secure attachment, Development of Movement, Caring with respect and Play

a Video recording

You will have access to the workshop recordings, so you can watch them over and over again (*Dr.Bryson's conference will be available until Dec.31st)

a Extra Resources

After the workshop you will have access to extra readings, a document with the main ideas and printable ``cheat sheets``

a Special giveaways and discounts

We have prepared a special giveaway for each workshop and also discounts from our sponsors (Wiwiurka and Manick) and collaborators

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There is SO MUCH information out there and everybody seems to have the right choice for your baby, but the truth is that you ARE the expert. Nobody knows your baby more than you. We are here to support you in this learning process.

These workshops will help you  change your mindset to start trusting your baby’s natural abilities to learn without being taught. We will talk about the natural development of movement; we will see how to promote independent play for the younger ones and how to create a secure attachment by taking care of them in a respectful way.


You are enough

You will not only create a secure and respectful environment for your child, but you will also let go of the “guilt of not doing enough” and create space to truly connect with your child

Happy childhood

Find the way to better connect with your children, understand their needs and trust their capabilities

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